Wedding Trends: Fall 2016

Bakersfield is crazy hot in the summer, as most of you know (or experience!). But late September, early October the nights come a little sooner and the days are a little bit cooler, and we’ve got ourselves a solid month of crisp, gorgeous fall weather. Wedding professionals all over town gear up for the fall wedding season, as so many brides take advantage of the cool weather. We wanted to share with you a few of our favorite fall trends that we can’t wait to see this upcoming season. We’ll show you two different color palettes and show you how you can make them unique to you!

How gorgeous is this color mix? Burgundy, slate, and the gold accents gives a fall wedding such a depth of glamour and a sweet nod to the season. Taking seasonal fruits like berries and figs will also add to this distinguished color palette! We could definitely see that burgundy color just popping off our Victorian gray home. Images by: Elegant Wedding Invites // Style Me Pretty // Hey Wedding Lady


Whether you want your autumn wedding to be very formal, most casual or somewhere in between, you have an enormous variety of possibilities.We are loving this color mix of terra cotta, pumpkin, navy, and wheat. Accent pieces like dried wheat, pomegranate, flannel add the comfiest of vibes and make your guests feel like snuggling up! Very natural and wonderful for lighting, this theme definitely lends itself to the vintage vibes of the house and garden estate.

Images by: Amy Nicole Photo // Chic Vintage Brides // I Take You

So you agree these color mixes are gorgeous, but how do you make your wedding your own? Take the time to talk to your groom or bride and chat through what makes you YOU. Does he loooove doughnuts? Do  a doughnut bar! Are you all about quality time and giving your guests an opportunity to relax together? Create a lounge space! Heres a few more tips to make your fall wedding your own.


Think of the SNACKS. Different popcorns, make your own smores bar, or mini pies just scream fall and do so in a very personal way! Choose your favorite flavors, or add your favorite smores topping to create a interactive and fun environment for your guests. Images by: Buzzfeed // June Bug Weddings // I Take You

What is better than snuggling up by a fire, with a comfy blanket and some cider with your closest family and friends? We cant think of anything sweeter. Create space for your guests to enjoy each other’s company and make some memories at your wedding! Nothing better than being able to give your guests an incredible experience. Images by: Colin Cowie // Bridal Musings // Glamour and Grace Blog




Vendor Spotlight: All Sound Music

We see brides almost everyday. We get the opportunity to chat with them and hear what they are envisioning for the one of the most important days of their life. 9 times out of 10 we hear this: “I just want my guests to have an incredible time. I want it to be a party they never forget!”

Easier said than done. It is of the utmost importance to choose DJ – and choose a good one. The food can be fine, the decorations ok, but if your DJ is off, you have ruined the experience. That is why we point all of our brides in the direction of All Sound Music.


All Sound Music setting the tone of the night to be a party they never forget!

All Sound Music is sleek, professional, and passionate about their craft. They tote high quality equipment, and have all the details in place. You as the bride and groom have not a thing to worry about – they will get your party started, and they’ll make sure it keeps going! All Sound is a family affair, run by father son duo, and they treat each client like extended family. As a venue, it is such a relief to be able to hand off the baton to an ASM wedding –  we know without a doubt you are about to have an incredible night! Not only to do they keep the party pumping, but they accessorize the night with some beautiful lighting that will give your event that extra special touch.


uplighting on our beautiful gazebo by All Sound Music


ASM will get your whole party pumping! Image by Makenzie Photography

With over 30 years experience, we trust that ASM will take any Noriega House wedding to the next level. Even though you may not think having a incredible DJ is important, trust us when we say that you want your guests to wish the party kept going!

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