More Than Just a Coordinator

“All you need is love… and a wedding coordinator!”


So, you’re newly engaged and you have a million things on your mind.

The dress, the flowers, the venue, the cake, the fact that you are soon going to embark on a brand new journey with the love of your life. Everything is going to change. If that’s not stress, then we don’t know what is. Here at Noriega House, we are so much more than your coordinator. We strive to be the person that calms you and brings you peace on one of the biggest days of your life. We take care of everything from linens, to making sure that our roses look absolutely perfect for your gorgeous photos in the garden.

But our favorite part about our role in the wedding industry is when we are with you in those quiet moments, just before you walk down the aisle.
We are here to give you calming words, or something to make you laugh. To remind you to take a deep breath and take it all in. Every person sitting in the audience is there to see you, and your groom waiting for you at the end of the isle, to meet you and join hands as two become one. All three of us here are recently married, and we understand the importance of those precious moments. We are so honored to be the ones to experience those with our amazing brides.

XO – Olivia, Reagan, & Victoria

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